Praises and Prayer Requests

January 28, 2020: There are so very many things to praise God for over the last 2 weeks! I am so grateful for all His blessings. For starters, I am thankful for God helping me to gain back the confidence in French. These last two weeks have been amazing. My sermon went well and in true God-like fashion He turned my weakness into strength. I had several people come up and chat afterwards. One told me that what I thought could be considered a weakness actually made the message more effective. I never cease to be amazed at how God somehow does that! I was remarking to someone this week how surreal it is that I feel honestly like I was never was away from this ministry in Europe. It is really amazing how God has enabled me to step right back into things so swiftly. I dont know how that is even possible, but I am thankful to see His hand in it. I have been able to have some meaningful spiritual conversations with a couple of people. I’m able to relax more in the language again and it is all coming back together. This is a huge answer to prayer.

January 28, 2020: I am so very thankful that I have my little car back. My colleagues have named my car “Flo” because those are the first letters on the license plate. Flo was in the shop for three weeks after dying in a pool of oil on the highway. I was especially concerned that it would be something the warranty wouldnt cover, resulting in a huge expense. God answered that prayer, too, as everything ended up being covered by the short 3-month used car warranty, except the cost of an oil change. There is some speculation that the dealer didn’t really fix the entire problem, so pray that it is indeed all fixed and that Flo keeps running reliably in the long term now.

January 28, 2020: I was doing a little happy dance last Friday as, for the first time in about 6 months, I got a stipend from the Mission! There was a huge HALLELUJAH! from me, that probably could be heard all the way across the U.S. to the Pacific! That was such a blessing to be able to get the fridge full of food and all the bills paid. I thank God for every little chicken thigh and potato He provides. It was a real leap of faith by both the Mission and me to come before I had the support raised. God provided and continues to provide what I need at every turn. Even though I had (and still have) nothing, I am “blessed beyond all measure” and feel like I enjoy God’s abundance every day.

January 28, 2020: I am so grateful to be able to say a massive “THANK YOU” for the churches and people who support this ministry and partner in prayer. I am pleased to say that I think (emphasis on the THINK part) I am within about $400 per month of being at 100% of my monthly support needs. I also appear to still need roughly $2000 in one time expenses for one time training that the Mission requires. This is great progress over the last couple of months! I am thanking God for this answer to prayer and pray He gives me wisdom on raising the last bit to be at 100%!

January 28, 2020: We are busy gearing up for a non-stop series of camps and groups running from now until September. This is an intense time of activity for our small team. Pray that God keeps us unified, helps us to be an excellent witness for Him in all our words and actions, and that He grants us the wisdom and strength to flourish. The spiritual warfare is great and we can see it raging around us as things always seem to happen to try an prevent these Camps from being effective. Pray that we have the eyes to see it for what it is and to see God’s solutions to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown our way. Pray especially for the two Winter Family Camps in Mid February. Pray for God’s guidance as we prepare, that God brings the right people to the Camp, and that ongoing travel difficulties and strikes don’t prevent people from coming. We are growing and have new people coming who have never been here before. Pray that God will prepare their hearts for their time here. Pray too as the Camp is reworking a lot of the administration from start to finish. It is a time for a lot of exciting changes. Pray that God continues to guide us and grant us wisdom to set up the process in a way that facilitates His purpose for the Camp for many years to come.

January 28, 2020: PEOPLE NEEDS “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!” We need some short term service crews! No need for French language skills! You will work alongside the missionary team, French national believers, and likely from the rest of the world as well! Here are our current needs: **2 COOKS (don’t need to be a pro…) for Young Adult English Camp (French people immersing in English) July 21-28. **3-4 COOKS for the Summer Family Camp (French families) from August 9-23. **SERVICE TEAM MEMBERS (help with food service, clean up, and other Camp tasks as needed). **5-6 SERVICE TEAM needed for Young Adult English Camp July 21-28. **4-6 SERVICE TEAM needed for Summer Family Camp August 9-23. **We are also wide open for camps in the Fall of 2020, the Winter of 2021 and Summer of 2021 so you can get on the team list early! **In addition, we will be looking for contruction/remodeling help in the Spring 2021. If you are interested in serving, email me at

January 28, 2020: I asked the team to answer the question: ” It would be really great if the Camp had a ____________________.” I am sharing with you the wish list: **Used cowboy gear (Attn: my Wyoming friends!) The French LOVE the American West and we need your old cowboy hats, boots, chaps, ropes, spurs, and especially a couple of old bareback riggings for our bucking barrel! **12 Sanitation Trowels for our backcountry trips. **2or more MSR Guardian Water Purifiers for the backcountry. We don’t take risks when it comes to the kids! **Good frisbees for Frisbee golf. **A portable projector (will need to be able to run on 220V). **A good quality video camera. **A Dremel 4000 kit with accessories (also needs to run on 220V or have an adapter we can change out here.) **A couple of push lawnmowers. **A UTV with a snow blade (We have one very small snow blower and the guys manually shovel our huge property for the most part, which takes a couple of people a full day.) **A skid steer. (In response to this one, my question of the day was: How many people would it take to bring a skid steer over piece by piece without paying extra bag fees? **smile**.) If you are interested in donating gear, contact me at

January 28, 2020: The house in Fleurât, France is still listed with an agent following the last sale failing. Real Estate is moving slowly there. Pray for a miracle and that a buyer comes forward soon. Or if God has another purpose for that house, pray that He guides me to that purpose.

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