Praises and Prayer Requests

January 11, 2020: I’m thankful for a great Camp over New Year’s. We couldn’t find a cook so my daughter, who is gifted in that area, came to help me fill that role. First time for me cooking for so many people, but it worked out well. The camp went great and God watched over everyone for safe travels and skiing. There were lots of great conversations and it was great fun for all. Iris made it safely back home in spite of the strike and some tense moments trying to get her flight off the ground. The day before she left I asked her if she was anxious to get back home. She surprised me by saying «No, I feel at peace here. » I praise God’s For His hand at work throughout the time.

January 11, 2020: I’m back in the sermon circuit Sunday, January 19. Pray that God grants me His message, the French words, and good pronunciation so that He is honored.

January 11, 2020:We are busy gearing up for the two Winter Family Camps in Mid February. Pray for God’s guidance as we prepare, that God brings the right people to the Camp, and that ongoing travel difficulties and strikes don’t prevent people from coming.

January 11, 2020: My little car died and wouldn’t start again at the side of the highway last week. It was towed in a pool of oil back to the dealer for what hopefully is a repair under warranty. Pray it is all covered and I’m back on the road again soon!

January 11, 2020: The house in Fleurât, France is finally listed with an agent following the last sale failing. Real Estate is moving slowly there. Pray for a miracle and that a buyer comes forward soon.

January 11, 2020: I continue to thank God for His amazing provision every step of this journey! He has provided for every need. I feel somewhat stalled again as a missions committee meeting was cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing familiar faces on the screen! I’m sure God has it under control and I’m continuing in faith. Pray God guides to complete raising the required $2500 for monthly expenses by the end of January (covers $1000 salary plus French insurance($700 monthly), rest is taxes for France and US, & administration expenses). I also need to still raise roughly $2000 in one time expenses for one time training that the Mission requires. Pray God gives me wisdom and guidance on how to raise these required funds. Would you like to partner with me? Click the button below for instructions on how to give your tax deductible donation.

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