Praises and Prayer Requests

April 15, 2020: The entire nation of France is still in lockdown and mandatory confinement. We’ve been locked down for over 30 days. We have been told that we will remain locked down until at least May 11. The weight of the isolation continuing is being felt by everyone here, including the missionary team. Some of our team families here have young children who are getting tired of being cooped up. Pray for everyone’s health, faith and sanity through tough times.

April 15, 2020: We unfortunately had to cancel numerous camps and groups over March, April, and into May as a result of the virus. There was indication that groups such as the Camp may not be permitted to operate again until Mid July, at the earliest. This means more groups may not take place. We are currently planning to proceed with all remaining Camps and groups. We will only cancel when it becomes absolutely necessary.

*Please pray that the remaining groups will still take place in some form. We are expecting, once this opens, that the demand for Camps and the harvest for God will be ripe.
*Pray that God keeps us unified, helps us to be an excellent witness for Him in all our words and actions, and that He grants us the wisdom and strength to flourish.
*The spiritual warfare is great and we can see it raging around us as things always seem to happen to try an prevent these Camps from being effective. Pray that we have the eyes to see it for what it is and to see God’s solutions to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown our way.
*Pray for God’s guidance as we adjust and prepare, that God brings the right people to the Camp, and that virus restrictions, and travel difficulties are lifted enough to allow us these important gatherings. We are growing and have new people coming who have never been here before.
*We expect once restrictions are lifted that there will be a heavy demand for the Camp as people look to gather and recover. Pray that God will prepare their hearts for their time here.
*Pray too as the Camp is reworking a lot of the administration from start to finish. It is a time for a lot of exciting changes. Pray that God continues to guide us and grant us wisdom to set up the process in a way that facilitates His purpose for the Camp for many years to come.

April 15, 2020: Pray that God will use this time of isolation and confinement to lay the groundwork for a revival in France. We anticipate people coming out of this with questions and hopefully a spiritual receptiveness. Pray that God will help us prepare to effectively speak to those needs once restrictions are lifted.

April 15, 2020: Pray for the team here at Camp and the French churches as everyone reinvents how we reach out to people in the middle of this global crisis. Pray that God gives us the eyes to see the opportunities as they open before us and the wisdom to follow where God leads.

April 15, 2020: Pray for the ongoing health for all of our team members and their families. One of our extended team families has one 9 month old child with appendicitis that has to wait 3 weeks longer for a consultation with a surgeon.

April 15, 2020: Ongoing travel restrictions may mean that team members currently in North America (2 couples) and service teams from churches outside of Europe may not be permitted to come into the country as planned. Pray that God sends just the right people, possibly from within France, to come serve.

April 15, 2020: This is one of the biggest issues weighing on my mind and I’d really love to get this off my prayer request items. With the sudden return to France following the conference last month (see the trip back to the Camp story), I was not able to visit churches as planned and get the required support level as planned. In addition, some of the support that was thought to be ongoing has not materialized. In addition, the bill for that training I attended has to somehow get covered. This means I am back to «square one» in raising the monthly financial support required by the Mission. To make things even more challenging, it just isn’t a good time for me to be trying to raise support with the virus crisis hitting everyone hard. Plus I really don’t see me being able to get back to raise the required support for another year. This is a challenging situation, but certainly within God’s hands. God has always, without fail, provided for every need. Perhaps I need to take up fishing (Matthew 17:22-27)? **Smile** Please do pray that God will grant me wisdom in what I should to do to conquer this issue once and for all! Would you help? Click the « Support Pamela’s Ministry » button below.

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