Here’s how YOU can help!

Our ministry in France would not happen without YOUR help! Here is what you can do. (Please note that this page will be updated regularly with current needs.)


Please pray:

To allow more room, I have started a Praises and Prayer Request page to this blog that I will update weekly.

Find it here:

For up to the minute news and praise, join my Facebook prayer group at Konstant Camp Chronicles!


Here’s a really huge answer to our prayers and a BIG leap of faith! The Mission did grant an exception to the 100%-supported-before-you-head-to-the-field rule! This means that I arrived in France September 19th! BUT I do still have to raise my support. I need to be at $1655 for monthly expenses fairly quickly and at the full $4655 for monthly expenses by the end of March 2020. I agreed to work without any monthly pay until I get the monthly amount to 100%. I also need to raise roughly $15000 in one time expenses for a car and mandatory training. Let’s pray God crushes this obstacle in record time like He has all the others!


Consider joining us on the Camp team! We currently are in need of a Cook. We are also looking for a short term team to help with a missionary kids camp from December 29, 2019 through January 2, 2020. If you are interested contact: We regularly need short team teams to help with Camps and other teams to complete some maintenance on the buildings. If you are interested in serving in either a full or short term capacity, let me know! And nope, you don’t need French language skills!