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A recent survey found only has about 1.8% of France’s population can give any information about who Jesus is. You’ve probably seen the “yellow-vest” riots of 2018-19 in the news. The social and economic discontentment have created a groundswell of unrest. Today, the French see mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa threatening to overwhelm traditional French culture. There is an increase in violence and segregation of society at every level. Few countries in the world have had France’s global influence through the ages. For centuries the Church provided the foundation of French society, and to this day, church buildings hold a position of prominence in almost every city and village across the country. But most, unfortunately, stand empty.

The young people are feeling the void and looking for answers. This is a huge difference from when I worked in France and Belgium previously! How exciting to see God crack open the door to these young people’s hearts! I believe that Camp des Cimes (Camp of the Peaks) is uniquely positioned to reach people with God’s Message and to build, strengthen, and encourage disciples who can go throughout Europe to spread that message to their own people.

Camp of the Peaks (Camp des Cimes) is a Christian Camp, Retreat, and Conference Center located in the French Alps outside of Grenoble. It runs year round with groups of as many as 120 campers per session. The Camp is run by a small team of missionaries working alongside national believers. Everyone is united in the goal to « save the lost and strengthen the found. » Camps are all focused with a view towards evangelism and discipleship.

To find out more about Camp of the Peaks (Camp des Cimes), follow this link: http://www.campdescimes.com/welcome

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