This came across my feed today. It is an advertisement for a new museum in France and it is also an excellent example of what has become of many historical churches here. They are being transformed into museums and are no longer places devoted to worshipping God.

So where do believers go to worship?

Therein lies the challenge. In some areas there just isn’t a church close by anymore. There are many towns with no Christian presence at all. In 2015, per “La Carte de l’athéisme dans le monde: La France numéro 4”, It was estimated that 29% identifies as atheist and another 68% identified as “non-religious”. Church now occurs just about anywhere a group can get together; commercial space, homes, basements of bars, even our camp becomes a sort of church for those with no church close by. The situation in France has gotten to be that for some believers, they are the only one at their workplace, or even in their town. Europe is in a sad state spiritually. 😪

But the tide is slowly changing. I can see the change from when I was here in the 80’s and 90’s. The believing community is growing but has many, many challenges. Traditional styles of evangelism are against the law here. Officials tend to deny any permit for anything touching on religion in a public place. Yet the young people are recognizing the void, they are finding believers…many times they bring non-believing friends here to Camp. I believe that God is moving in incredible ways in France. I am excited to see God’s hand at work. I am thrilled to be here because I believe God has positioned this Camp, which reaches all four corners of France and beyond, to have the opportunity to act as church to those with none, part Bible college to others, a place to disciple Christian leaders that go back into their own communities with confidence, and a place for people to find God for the first time. It is a place of encouragement and hope where little can be found. I feel like I should pull up a chair, some popcorn, and watch God’s incredible hand at work around me.🙌🙌

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