What is in your hand?

This week, I was reminded of how God has given us so much. There is so much to be thankful for! I don’t have much, but God provides everything I need. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how God has a legacy of perfect provision at the perfect time. From cars to potatoes, from impossible decisions to downright miracles, God is alive and at work today.

This week I have reflected a lot on the gifts He has given each of us. He is weaving this amazing tapestry and we all have a thread, which when combined displays His glory. It is evident here on the mission field and especially here at the Camp. I marvel at the team God has brought together here. Each person has a unique collection of gifts and abilities and they all fill a special spot in God’s tapestry.

God has given His family such diverse gifts and abilities! What amazing thing to see how He brings His people together in perfect harmony and timing.. It doesn’t matter if your strength is in cooking, construction, planning, administration, cleaning, sports, giving or any of the other numerous God-given talents, God has a place for you. When we need a construction crew, God brings the perfect people. When we need a service crew. God’s team arrives. Even people who don’t think they have special gifts, do indeed and it is a blessing to see how God uses them.

Today, I was filled with great joy in making progress. While rejoicing in this progress, my mind harkened back to a sobering thought about how, on my way to the Camp, one my first tasks was rebuilding the administrative system, which was sorely outdated and extremely inefficient to getting work done. My first thought was “I spent the last 8 years trying to get away from that kind of work!” However, after seeing God’s miracles at work, I ignored my own excuses of “escaping“ administration and devoted myself to His plan, regardless of what He asked me to do. In doing so, I was overwhelmed with a tremendous joy in seeing how my minuscule thread contributed to the tapestry that is His glory! What a miracle it is that the Almighty God somehow chooses to include us, as insignificant and weak as we are, to accomplish His purposes!

One of my favorite Bible passages is in Exodus 3 and 4, where God is calling Moses to encounter Pharaoh. Moses had been gifted with some pretty amazing abilities. Hebrew yet raised in Pharaoh’s court, had a superb education, and was primed to lead from a young age. To me, he seems to have the perfect combination of gifts and experience to lead the exodus. Yet Moses didn’t recognize the gifts God gave him. In Exodus 3:11, Moses responds to God’s call by asking “who am I to do this task?” As Moses tries to run away and does his best “get away” from God’s plan, he says ”they won’t believe and won’t listen to me.” (Exodus 4:1) I have to say, God’s response is amazing. “What is in your hand? I have given you everything you need for success.” Like with Moses, God has given you an amazing combination of talents and experience to be used for His glory. He has given you everything you need. He wants you to share in overwhelming joy! You have been placed in the perfect place at the perfect time. What do you have in your hand? How is God leading to use those abilities for His glory? May God use your thread to weave His glorious masterpiece.

“For we have many parts in one body, but these parts do not all have the same function. In the same way, even though we are many people, we are one body in the Messiah and individual parts connected to each other. We have different gifts based on the grace that was given to us. So if your gift is prophecy, use your gift in proportion to your faith. If your gift is serving, devote yourself to serving others. If it is teaching, devote yourself to teaching others. If it is encouraging, devote yourself to encouraging others. If it is sharing, share generously. If it is leading, lead enthusiastically. If it is helping, help cheerfully.

Romans 12:4-8

“Each of you should use whatever gifts you received to serve others, as faithful stewards ofGod’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves he should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the power and glory for ever and ever!”

2 Peter 4:10-11

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